It’s A ‘Flossome’ Day Today! Benefits Of Flossing


What is the first question that you are most likely to be greeted with when you visit a dentist? If you mentioned flossing, you are right. As a parent or a patient, the answer to this question is not a complete yes or no. For a complete dental treatment, schedule a visit to Harmony Orthodontics or search online for doctors at

If you are one of the few who feel flossing is not an important part of dental health, you have got it all wrong. A toothbrush cleans the outer surface of your teeth and the gums. Hard to reach areas like the back of your mouth and the spaces in between teeth often go unnoticed. Floss is specifically used for this purpose and helps clean the spaces between teeth and the fine gap between the gum and teeth.

An ordinary toothbrush cannot make its way to these places and can lead to the deposit of tartar and food bits if these areas are not flossed regularly. Reports have shown the flossing does more than keeping your smile bright. Here are few of them:

Flossing & brushing= healthy teeth
This magic formula has been sworn by several dentists worldwide and recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). Brushing your teeth removes the plaque from the surface of teeth. There is more to it than meets the eye. To reach specific areas behind the gums or beneath the teeth, you must practice the habit of flossing on a regular basis.

You can think of a floss and toothbrush as a paintbrush and a paint roller. It is sufficient if you only paint the walls of your home. If you use the paint roller as well, you get a better and a satisfactory result.

Protects the gums- In the crevice between the gums and teeth, food deposits can lead to a buildup of plaque. In the course of time, it can harden and form tartar which is a thick deposit over the teeth. It is characterized by inflamed and sore gums that is the first sign of poor oral hygiene.

This dental condition can spread deeper below the gum line, and effects other tooth and tooth loss can occur. If you think this is way too gross, think of the bad breath that can dent your social image.

When you use a good quality floss, it makes its way into the space between the teeth and gums and helps remove plaque build-up.

Saves you money- In an age where medical expenses have risen drastically, and insurance benefits have been reduced, it pays to take preventive measures. It has been analyzed that the cost of an emergency visit is nearly 10 times expensive when compared to a regular checkup. The concerned doctor will educate you about the benefits of a good oral care. As them for an economical tool to protect your teeth and they have a common advice- use a good toothbrush, and floss your teeth.

Prevents the onset of oral diseases- Poor dental care is more than foul breath and discoloured teeth. Bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye can manifest itself in the form of other diseases and lead to diabetes and heart conditions. All it takes is a box of floss and a few extra minutes of your daily routine to prevent the medical bills from piling.