Obesity – How Is It Caused


Being obese is a condition of the body where a person has accumulated excessive weight. It is because there is an imbalance between the number of calories that are consumed vs. the number of calories burnt. When you consume more food than the actual requirement of the body, these unburned calories are stored in fat cells. Over time if these reserves are not used up it leads to a person being overweight and later obese. Many people turn to fad diets and supplements like Nucific Bio X4 to reduce weight.
Obesity has become one of the leading areas of concern for people all the world with even children becoming obese in the past 25 years as per analysts at www.everydayhealth.com. The cause for concern for people with obesity is because it can lead to several diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Obesity along with any or all of these disorders can be detrimental to the overall quality of health and may eventually lead even to death.

Causes of obesity: Though obesity is linked mostly with your diet and lifestyle, it can also be due to various other reasons like metabolism, genetics and socioeconomic conditions of the person. Sometimes obesity can also be linked to disorders in the body or due to medications too.
Some of the most common reasons for obesity is listed below:

Lifestyle: Your lifestyle determines your weight. If you tend to consume more than you burn, then it can lead to weight gain, and eventually, you become obese. Your diet also plays a vital role in controlling your weight. Consumption of food rich in sugar, carbohydrates, fat, etc. will lead to weight gain. Fast food or fatty food which is high in calories along with sugary beverages is a significant contributor to weight gain.

Metabolism: Everybody has a distinct metabolic rate, and this can also plays a role in gaining weight. Hormones along with your metabolism determine your weight. As per some studies, there are hormones like ghrelin and peptide triggers hunger as well as controlling appetite. If these hormones are not generated in the necessary quantity, it can lead to excessive weight gain.

Genetics: Obesity can be inherited genetically too. Research has shown that the chances of you being overweight or obese are more if both the parents or at least one parent is obese. Heredity is also an influential factor in the weight around the middle of your body.

All these factors along with lack of exercise lead to uncontrolled weight gain. Moreover, adults and children alike spend a lot of time in front of electronic screens which can further contribute to obesity.

Apart from the physical health, obesity also disturbs your mental health. Society considers obese people as not very physically attractive when compared to people who are thin. That causes a lot of emotional stress to them. Moreover, obese people are considered to be lazy and blamed for not showing the will and determination to get back to healthy weight. It is also known that obese people have lesser chances of romantic relationships.