The Many Wonders Of Medical Marijuana That You Never Knew


Even though the US FDA has not given the green light to marijuana as a medicine, medical cannabis in Victoria is legal along with many other places in the world. For long there has been a stigma attached to cannabis, this has made the drug a taboo. Recent years have seen a rise in its popularity because people have become aware of the many benefits medical marijuana provides. A mere glance on will prove the hard push legalizing cannabis is facing around the world, due to these advantages. Let’s take a look on some of them.

• Metabolism And Cannabis
Intake of marijuana has shown that it regulates the production of insulin in the body, which in turn helps us manage the number of calories we eat every day. Consequently, we have better control of our weight. This is why people who smoke or vape cannabis tend to be thinner than others, as their metabolic rate is higher. Considering the growing problem of obesity in the world medical marijuana can, therefore, be a blessing in disguise.

• Addiction And Cannabis
Many individuals’ needs must take hard drugs to combat the perils of ailments, conditions and diseases. These drugs can not only be addictive but also, make the body immune in the long run. Medical cannabis is a safer alternative to all these drugs. It has shown enough benefits that it can be taken as a substitute for addictive drugs. Furthermore, for people who smoke or eat tobacco, cannabis can be a better option.

• Depression and Cannabis
A study conducted by Harvard Medical School in 2010 proved that marijuana acts as a mild sedative. It also improves the mood of the user. For individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, medical cannabis can be a lifesaver. It not only solves the problems but is also free from the side effects of anti-anxiety medicines like foggy head and sleepiness. Fighting depression is considered as the biggest positive of cannabinoid drug.

• Creativity and Cannabis
Experiments show that medical marijuana can help focus the mind and spur on creativity. It does not have a good effect on short-term memory, but in jobs and tasks that require artistic bend or invention, it can show wonders. The myth that having cannabis makes you stupid is just that – a falsehood.

• Diseases And Cannabis
There is a reason why people all over the planet are fighting so hard to make the consumption and production of marijuana legal. It is because experiments prove that it helps in many conditions and can also solve physical problems. The benefits when it comes to taking marijuana for medicinal purposes are:
a. It slows Alzheimer’s disease.
b. It can control epileptic seizures.
c. It can fight glaucoma.
d. It can stop the spread of cancer.
e. It can ease the pain in conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, etc.
f. It can decrease the side-effect of Hepatitis C
g. It can stop nausea and vomiting that happens due to chemotherapy.
h. It can be used to treat inflammatory bowel movement.