Can This Be Causing A Low Libido In You?

Low Libido

Age is not the only factor for the decline in libido in men and women. There are a number of reasons for losing interest in any sexual activity. We will be detailing some of them below. For people who think they are suffering from them, HealthGains have a number of treatments and programs that aid in sexual wellness and general vitality. If you wish for more information on how to tackle reasons of low libido, go on to The website has a number of articles on how to deal with depression, stress, and sleeplessness.

For most of us, low libido is a concern that happens to old people. Yes, with age sex drive decreases. It may also vary in phases of our lives. But if you suffer from a declined interest in intercourse for a long period at a young age of mid-thirties to forties it might be a problem. A reduction in low libido at this age may mean that you suffer from a number of health issues. Given below are some of the conditions that may have led to low libido.

• Depression is one of the common causes of lack of sex drive. It affects not only other parts of the victim’s life but also desires. A person suffering from depression loses the will to take part in any activity even though they might have brought happiness before. This applies to sexual wellness too. For those who are taking antidepressants, low libido can be even more pronounced because that is one of the side effects of the medication.

• Just as medicines that treat depression reduce sex drive, other medicines can cause the same. For example, medicines that regulate blood pressure can lead to prevention of erection and/or ejaculations. A piece of advice here is to consult with your doctor. Be it antidepressants or any other medication; ask for one where the side effect is not so pronounced. Sometimes just a decrease in dosage can solve the issues too.

• Most medicines reduce the level of testosterone in the male body. This is the main reason for lower libido. The hormone, produced in the testicles, is the reason for sperm production and sex drive besides many others. A decrease in the level of the hormone can drastically reduce libido for some men. Get a checkup done, if your sex drive has decreased. If there is a drastic drop in the hormone, i.e., below 3000 to 350 mg/dL, then consult a doctor. Supplements, gels, and therapy can increase testosterone levels.

• Restless legs syndrome is one of the weirdest reasons for love libido. Studies prove that men who have RLS tend to develop erectile dysfunction when compared to those men who don’t have RLS. Furthermore, if there are a number of RLS episodes chances are the man may become impotent.

Any of these things and much more can cause a person to lose interest in sexual activity. Don’t undermine them. Read, educate or talk to a doctor to find the solution.

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